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Rasmus Røge

EQA of gynecological cancer marker analyses

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The Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control (NordiQC) scheme performs standardized quality assessments of immunohistochemical staining. During the last 10 years a significant amount of data concerning immunohistochemical staining have been generated. Among many others, NordiQC have assessed the performance of several markers with relevancy for gyncelogical diagnostics in clinical settings. These include: WT-1, Ca-125, ER, PAX8, p16 and p57. This presentation will discuss the overall assessment result of these markers  with emphasis on recommendable antibody clones and protocol settings.

Quantitative image analysis in breast cancer

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Ki67 is a proliferation marker important for classification of malignant tumours such as breast carcinoma. However, manual counting and calculation of Ki67 proliferation index is laborious and prone to inter-observer variance. Additionally, staining platform and choice of monoclonal antibody clone may impact intensity of staining and, in turn, the Ki67 Proliferation Index.
Recently, a computerized algorithm that enables virtual alignment of two consecutive slides stained for pancytokeratin and Ki67 has been developed. Software analysis (Virtual Double Staining – VDS) of this image enables exclusion of stromal cells and calculation of Ki67 proliferation indices in tumour cells only. This presentation will discuss the results of experiments validating the usability of this method. Additionally, results obtained by the applied algorithm in experiments examining the impact of antibody clone, format and staining platform on staining quality and proliferation index will be presented. Finally, application of digital image analysis in other breast cancer markers (ER and HER2) will be presented.


Rasmus Røge is Resident in Pathology, Aalborg University Hospital. He is a PhD-student at Aalborg University with his PhD-thesis focusing on validation of Digital Image Analysis algorithm for routine pathology practise. In addition working as scheme organiser of the Nordic Immunohistochemical Quality Control (NordiQC) scheme and assessor in the General and Breast Cancer modules. Fields of Research: Quality Assurance in Immunohistochemistry, Proliferation Markers and Digital Image Analysis.

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