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P2. Study of Association of Epstein Barr Virus in lymphomas by EBV encoded small RNA (EBER) in situ hybridization – An Indian Experience

Gurudutt Gupta, Jatin S. Gandhi, Roshini Gala, Anila Sharma, Sunil Pasricha, Anurag Mehta

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Delhi, India

Background: EBV infects >90 % of the world’s population and is associated with both Hodgkin (HL) and Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL).  Our study evaluates EBV(via EBER-ISH) expression in neoplastic, as well as non-neoplastic bystander cells in lymphomas.

Methods:  Slides and blocks of all lymphoma cases were evaluated for morphology, IHC and EBV association. The EBER in situ hybridization was performed using iblueVentana detection kit, on Benchmark-XT platform to elucidate EBV encoded small RNA.

Results: Total cases evaluated were 184(HL, n=39;NHL, n=145), out of 145  NHL cases, 81% and 19% cases were B-cell and T-cell lymphomas respectively. EBER expression was seen in 3.2%(4/122)  of B- cell  and 13%(3/23) of T- cell lymphomas. The EBER positivity was seen 51% in HL (20/39), with 60%(3/5) positivity in paediatric(<12 years) age group.  Single case(1/4) of NLPHL was positive. Bystander population of non-neoplastic cells expressing EBER-ISH was also observed in 9 cases of HL(Including  2 cases with EBER-negative neoplastic cells).

Conclusion: In comparison with NHL, EBV infection was more common in HL. DLBCL was the commonest type of NHL and prevalence of EBV infection in this subtype and HL was similar to the Western literature. Small percentage of non-neoplastic bystander cells also expressed EBER, the significance of same needs to be unveiled.

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